It’s probably safe to say most of us want more happiness, joy and freedom in every day. Not tomorrow, the weekend or when we retire, but today. If not in every moment. Needless to say this includes being healthy!

As well as being able to provide you and/or your dog with a safe and very holistic therapy called BodyTalk,  my services can also include a Personalized Raw Diet for your Dog.

What I love about BodyTalk is that as well as prioritising exactly what needs balancing in your body/mind right now, it also gently peels off the layers that no longer serve you e.g. old beliefs, traumas, memories etc.  Animals tend to respond quicker, seen firstly as mood/behaviour changes, because they aren’t as complex as us. Session/s result in better decision making, reduced anxieties, health conditions improving and so on.

There’s a huge amount of information on the internet to inspire us toward living the ‘good life’, when we pick and choose the best fit based on our beliefs and perception of reality. We wear these new realities for a time and hopefully have some fun, while some of our old and not so desirable programmes are still running underneath popping up here and there during weaker moments e.g. feelings of rejection, anxiety or maybe even anger that unsettles us.

Prior to my qualifying as a BodyTalk Practitioner, I’d experienced many years of wonderful personal and professional development training. Unfortunately though, I still fell into a trap of chronic stress that I found hard to get out of. Around the same time (no coincidences here) my two dogs also suffered health issues. Together we struggled to get better, at this time benefiting from BodyTalk.

It is because of how low I got and how I struggled to help my dogs that inspired me to become a practitioner, and in particular for dogs. BodyTalk is a beautiful system that’s in tune with each individual, providing the gentle unfolding toward peace and health.

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Louie and Minke – who gave me my sense of purpose

Two much-loved family members who are no longer with us, struggled and suffered with their health for far too long. This was before I became a BodyTalk Practitioner for people and animals.

Louie, German Shepherd, had incessant scratching, skin problems, inflammation and later, lumps …

His little mate (in size only!) Minke, Jack Russell, who passed away before him also had skin problems.

Long story short, they received as much natural health care and raw diet as I could give them including enlisting our local holistic vet but for whatever reason, their issues weren’t resolving easily. I’m now learning as much as I can about holistic and natural solutions, including nutrition.

In my humble opinion, drugs and surgery do have their place for some acute or serious conditions, although my first choice even then is most always the preventative, non-chemical, non- surgical route as best as I can provide. Chronic, long term health conditions are better treated at the level of origin, not necessarily quick, but a longer term better investment not only in money but in time and quality of life.

I felt …

stressed, frustrated and in tears a lot of the time, seeing them so unwell … I also felt very powerless.

I have no doubt that other areas in my life (where I felt stress) negatively impacted on them both. Plus I now know their raw diet could have been better balanced nutritionally.

Toward the end of Louie’s life when I was starting to learn BodyTalk, and bringing in extra help by ‘throwing’ whatever I could at him so to speak, his health started to improve and his coat looked great, but by then it wasn’t going to save his life.


One of my most deeply treasured experiences …


…was at home 11.55pm Saturday night 15 June 2013, lying with Louie at his most sacred time, when he let go his last breath. I swear I felt the breezes of angels wings (I don’t normally talk like that!)  I actually looked around to see if a door was open (and they weren’t)!

I feel very drawn to supporting others at this very tender time to provide relief and comfort. Please ask me (and you may like to refer to my testimonials).

Maybe it’s not hard to understand that I am particularly passionate about helping dogs. They are the most loyal and loving friend you could ask for.

Here are some BodyTalk experiences from clients – for people and animals.

Learning is so exciting!

I continue to attend BodyTalk training to upskill and stay up to date.  As an international association, they’re always researching keeping them on the cutting edge of the industry.

There is also so much other holistic/natural health related material that I love to dive into i.e. In January 2018, after seven months of part time study, I achieved the ‘Certificate in Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist’ provided online by Dogs Naturally (Magazine) in Canada. I am currently learning from Cat Lane of The Possible Canine about cooked foods for dogs in a ten week on line tutorial and enrolled to start her year long online Certificate in Practical Herbalism – Common Canine Conditions which also includes nutrition. I am also part way through Dr Laura Stuve’s Body Ecology course online which is all about the microbiome. Dr Stuve is a Ph.D in Molecular Biology as well as an Advanced Certified Instructor and Practitioner of BodyTalk.

Want to know me a bit better?

  • Living relatively close to nature has been an instinctual choice forever  i.e. holistic healthcare, organics, waste management (recycling, reducing etc), living rurally etc.
  • I love living in Tauranga, New Zealand on 1.5 acres of organically cherished land where you’ll find my clinic (gingerbread cabin 🙂 ).
  • Married for 25 years, fur kids only. Currently one gorgeous dog named Baxter who is a true gentleman and treasure!
  • I have always had furry friends in my life, mainly dogs and cats.
  • Personal development, holistic health care and spiritual/ancient truths have lead me on a fascinating path for decades. I love learning and am a perpetual student.
  • I started training within the BodyTalk System in 2006, qualifying as a Practitioner in 2015  with the International BodyTalk Association (My BodyTalk ‘Bio’ here).
  • Di’s Relevant Qualifications

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A gift for you or your animal friend!

Curious about BodyTalk and want to learn a bit more?

For a wonderful ‘taster’, come for a BodyTalk Access session for only $10, that’s half price.  This can be enjoyed as a lovely relaxing 20- 30 minute health tune-up, an opportunity to meet me and time to ask any questions you  may have – no strings attached.

Simply email me through my contact page to set up a time.  You are welcome to invite a friend to benefit too – please just let me know.






Di Scurr

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Certificate in Raw Dog Food Nutrition

New Zealand BodyTalk Association
International BodyTalk Association