Canine Parvovirus Vaccine, Symptoms, and Treatment from The Whole Dog Journal

Energy Medicine – a 5 minute explanation by James L. Oschman

Healthy Pets with Dr Karen Becker, of

The TLC Your Pet Yearns for During Her Last Weeks and Days on Earth  presented by Dr Karen Becker, of

The death of pet can hurt as much as the loss of a relative

Dogs Naturally Magazine

Dr Sophia Yin Animal Behaviourist

BodyTalk reference on Bruce Lipton’s website click here

Require calming / sleeping music for your animal friend? Maybe to comfort them while you are away from home or to help them through frightening noise like a thunderstorm or fireworks?  Just google and you’ll find some very therapeutic music especially for these times. Providing a safe hideaway could also be helpful while you remain calm and in control so they may feel safe with you.

Books You May Enjoy

Mind Over Medicine, Dr Lissa Rankin

Biology of Belief, Dr Bruce Lipton

365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul, Jodi Chapman & Dan Teck

The Emotion Code, Dr Bradley Nelson

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Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton

Heart to Heart, Pea Horsley

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The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

Other Animal Businesses

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Purpose Animal – Are you ready to discover your DREAM animal career?

Faye Rogers – Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Teacher, Writer and Visionary

Tuatara Design – Website creation, support, hosting etc

Pet Essentials – pet store for quality and variety including freezers full of raw food

Walk Your Dog With Love –  I have bought their harness (no more neck-pulling I am very pleased to say, and pleasant walkies!).  Loads of information on site, excellent service. From the U.S.A. to New Zealand very efficiently. A man with a deep passion for dogs and along with his mate Teddy designed my harness, the link here …